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Who we are:

Forward Physical Therapy was founded on one basic principle. To help people live the most fulfilling life possible, free of pain and physical limitations AT ANY AGE.

How do we do that?

By providing them with the best rehabilitation and health/wellness services. We are not satisfied with just rehabilitating our patients from an injury or pain. We want to help our patients be healthier and happier.

That is why we don’t stop at just offering physical and occupational therapy…in the old, traditional sense. We don’t think it is enough to just put our patients on a bike and give them a hot pack. We work with each patient individually to determine their goals and create a specific plan for helping them achieve their goals. This requires a “deeper dive” into how they ended up in therapy to begin with. Not just what hurts, but what is that pain stopping you from doing?

Sure, you might feel better if we help alleviate your pain…but what are we doing to make sure your pain doesn’t return? That is what we ask ourselves with every patient. Do you need to lose weight? Learn how to bend without back pain? Carry a soup pot without back or shoulder pain? Unload groceries from the car? Get up the stairs into your home?

Our goal is to help you achieve YOUR goals, and to teach you the skills you need to accomplish everything you need or want to do…without fear or pain.

Movement Specialists For Seniors

Forward Physical Therapy was founded in 2011 by Dr. David Ettinger, PT, DPT, GCS.

With a passion for treating older adults and seeing a desperate need in the community, he pursued board certification as a geriatric clinical specialist. This elite specialization has been earned by only 1% of all physical therapists in the United States, 0.6% of all physical therapists in New York State and 0.3% of the physical therapists in Brooklyn.

The staff at Forward Physical Therapy has been carefully selected and trained to understand the needs of the aging population and tailor each patient’s care to meet their individual goals while taking into account the multitude of changes that the aging body is going through.

Choosing a physical therapist is like choosing a doctor. You should always go to the right specialist for your condition.

We are proud to be recognized as the Movement Specialists for Seniors.

Vision Statement

Forward Physical Therapy will be recognized as the provider of choice for seniors requiring rehabilitation and movement training. Patients are excited about their rehabilitation and staff are motivated to be a part of it. All our patients will feel cared for as individuals with complex needs and the entirety of their health and wellness will be addressed.

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