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"Excellent in every respect. Very capable, caring and friendly staff. I recommend them to everyone."
Aug 29, 2020
"After 5 weeks in the hospital with double pneumonia, I had lost nearly 20 pounds and considerable muscle strength and stamina. After a period of rest at home, I began physical therapy at FORWARD PT on the recommendation of friends. I just completed my 5th week of PT (3 times/wk) and I'm delighted to say my condition - muscle strength and physical stamina - are much improved. I've even gained back most of the weight I'd lost. In addition to sessions with David, I've had several with other therapists in the office. In fact, all my sessions have been excellent. Each was somewhat different in terms of the areas emphasized - cardio, balance, core, resistance exercises, etc. - but the care and individual attention from the entire staff were consistently superb. The variety and types of equipment FORWARD PT has available is also impressive. After spending some time at NYU's Rusk Rehabilitation Center, I can say without reservation that FORWARD PT is every bit as good or better - both in the quality of its staff and the therapies offered. It's been a pleasure. Thank you! "
Aug 14, 2020
"Before coming to Forward PT I was having such a hard time standing tall. Every time I would try my back would hurt. Since coming to Forward PT I have been standing up tall with no pain. I was even able to wear a turtleneck sweater and didn't feel like I was choking! My entire wardrobe has changed now that I am standing tall. Thank you for straightening me out!"
Nov 25, 2019
"David and Otis always treated me with concern and professionalism. They reviewed my progress and adjusted the therapies accordingly. They also used methods that might be considered out of the box in order to explore any method that would alleviate pain and of course push my recovery "forward". I was very pleased with the treatment and would definitively go back should I need their services in the future."
Nov 24, 2019
"great rehab which helps in my situation/every detailed is explained and why its being done/it starts on time/its helping in my situation"
Nov 21, 2019
"Before starting physical therapy my neck would hurt every morning when i drank my coffee. Since I started coming to Forward for PT i've been enjoying my coffee without pain. Thanks!"
Nov 04, 2019

Prior to coming to Forward Physical Therapy I was unable to walk any great distance without having to stop a hundred times. Now with the help of you, David and Michael and your wonderful staff I’m able to walk without having to take frequent breaks.

Marcia G.

Before I started coming to Forward for physical therapy I was having sharp pain in my knees whenever I changed positions. After a few sessions my pain was much better and now I can easily get up off the floor without any pain! Thank you so much for the difference you’ve made.

Esther F.

When I used to walk for 10 minutes I would feel a lot of pain in my back. I also felt very tight and was constantly hunching over. Since coming to Forward Physical Therapy, I am able to walk as long as I want to without feeling pain. I am also able to sit and stand tall with no effort for as long as I want to. Thanks for helping me get back to myself!

Abraham P.

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