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"great rehab which helps in my situation/every detailed is explained and why its being done/it starts on time/its helping in my situation"
Nov 21, 2019
"Before starting physical therapy my neck would hurt every morning when i drank my coffee. Since I started coming to Forward for PT i've been enjoying my coffee without pain. Thanks!"
Nov 04, 2019

Prior to coming to Forward Physical Therapy I was unable to walk any great distance without having to stop a hundred times. Now with the help of you, David and Michael and your wonderful staff I’m able to walk without having to take frequent breaks.

Marcia G.

Before I started coming to Forward for physical therapy I was having sharp pain in my knees whenever I changed positions. After a few sessions my pain was much better and now I can easily get up off the floor without any pain! Thank you so much for the difference you’ve made.

Esther F.

When I used to walk for 10 minutes I would feel a lot of pain in my back. I also felt very tight and was constantly hunching over. Since coming to Forward Physical Therapy, I am able to walk as long as I want to without feeling pain. I am also able to sit and stand tall with no effort for as long as I want to. Thanks for helping me get back to myself!

Abraham P.