FAQ about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and What We are Doing About It

Updated: May 14, 2020

We are taking extreme measures to ensure everyone's safety and health. Here are the policies/procedures we have implemented:

  • Inside front door will remain open so no pulling needed on the way out
  • Hand sanitizer to be used by everyone entering the office
  • Plastic "sneeze guard" has been put up at front desk
  • Front desk will be checking in patients (no sign in sheet)
  • Credit card swiper is patient accessible so you can swipe your own card and not hand it to the receptionist
  • Every session begins with therapist taking patient's temperature (non contact thermometer) (anyone with temp over 99.6 will be sent home)
  • Every staff member's temperature will be taken in the beginning of the day (anyone with temp over 99.6 will be sent home)
  • Every patient needs to wear a mask. We will provide masks (free of charge) to any patient who needs (at each session)
  • Chaperones are asked to stay in their cars whenever possible Therapists will wear masks and gloves
  • If requested by patient, therapist can wear face-shield
  • Every treatment room/table will be sanitized before every session
  • All exercise equipment will be cleaned immediately after every use
  • No "non cleanable" equipment will be used (rope, putty, therabands etc.)
  • We will only be using Eco-Pro pillow cases that can be sanitized between treatment sessions (no cloth/cotton pillow cases)
  • Patients will be kept at least 6 feet apart in the gym
  • One on one session times will be extended to minimize the number of patients in the office at one time

While this list may seem extreme, it is our goal to make sure everyone remains safe and healthy while being able to get the care they need to return to pain-free daily function.